A series of 50 self portraits over the course of a landmark birth year investigating the impact of experience on identity. 

"What do you do when your life should be enough but something tells you it isn't? It's easy to change your life when there's a crisis. There's no choice. It's harder when things are fine. How do you choose to give up what you should be happy with, for something you can't even describe?

In Clara Laratta's work, the artist brings us inside this process, sharing with us what happens when we listen to that voice that tells us that things need to be different. What happens when we start to believe that there is more outside the safety of the walls of our life?  In each piece, Laratta gives us a portrait of contemplation, a meditation on a facet of a life that is in the process of being understood and transcended.

Each of our lives is filled with the need for change - some that come to us as strident emergencies, and others that live within us as quiet, persistent urgings. Laratta's work is a reminder that we can be the authors of our own transformation through small acts of self-compassion underneath the surface."


Self Portraits 2019