Artist Statement

The use of self-portraits in my work is ironic. Anyone that has attempted to take my photograph is aware of my aversion to having my picture taken. As a female, however, the control and ability to represent myself as the subject rather than an object is appealing to me. In my work, I explore identity through a lens of how we effect and are affected by others with a focus on how this influences the way we see and interact with the world.

For one year, each morning when I woke up and created a water drawing on my bathroom mirror.  Before going to bed, I showered and took a photograph of my reflection in the mirror. The image contained the remains of the morning drawing, water, and my reflection in the mirror.  The steam from the shower unveils of the morning image while the water represents the past is a part of the present and was chosen due to its necessity for life. The mirror represents a reflection of the past and present and hold the image of potential futures.

Ties between portraiture, photography and selfies is another area of interest and a consideration in the creation of the images.  The works are a culmination of research examining our interactions with others and nature and provide a documentation of affect. They are based on an intimate look at self while holding a space to look at others in a broader context.