Artist Statement

My work explores how social constructs, pre-existing beliefs and our engagement in the world affect identity. The images are an acknowledgement of the multifaceted nature of identity and perception. They are based on research regarding our perception, how we are perceived, affected and choose to portray ourselves. For one year, each morning when I woke up, I created a water drawing on my bathroom mirror.  Before going to bed, I showered and took a photograph of my reflection in the mirror. The image contained the remains of the morning drawing, water and my reflection in the mirror.  Together, each of the components and materials in the image reveal their role as an embodiment of human existence.  

The use of self-portraits in my work is serendipitous to someone who has an aversion to being photographed. As a female, the control and ability to represent myself as the subject rather than an object is appealing to me.  Ties between portraiture, photography and selfies is another area of interest.  It is a consideration in the creation of the images and the impact in relation to discourse with viewers.  The images were created in an attempt to create dialogue surrounding identity, the way we view and perceive ourselves and others.  They are based on an intimate look at self while holding a space to look at others in a broader context.  The work is an attempt to provoke reflection while sharing a vision of new, equitable paradigm surrounding value.